• Water Walk 2016 - Newark Reservoir

    Water Walk 2016 – Newark Reservoir

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Water is Life Kenya helps remote villages in Southern Kenya bring water close to home.  We train women and men to benefit more from their skills in raising cattle. We listen, we ask questions, and we act all so that everybody can escape poverty.

Water Walk 2016 Update

Recently, we had our water walk at the Newark Reservoir to raise $20,500 for Lenkiloriti’s water pump and generator. The 650′ borehole is dug and they have built the pump house and are just waiting for the installation of these two key pieces of equipment.
Thanks to the generous giving of others like you we are almost there.  Take a moment and check out our video if you were not able to attend as we walked for water, with water in water and had a blast!    Don’t worry, there is still time to donate so check out our Water Walk page.

Creative Fundraisers

Yolanda Chetwynd’s Art Show

The Venus de Milo

The Venus de Milo

June 1 – June 28, 2016
The Grand Opera House
818 N. Market StreetWilmington, DE  19801

Reception: Friday, June 3, 2016

This exhibit celebrates the artistry and generosity of Yolanda Chetwynd and her husband, Suresh Advani, both longtime friends and board members of Water is Life Kenya. This continual flow of kindness is made even more evident by Yolanda’s willingness to donate all proceeds from the sales of her creative output to Water is Life – Kenya.

Visit her catalog – http://online.fliphtml5.com/uapb/puwk/#p=1


Current Newsletter

Water is Life - Kenya Newsletter Spring 2016

Water is Life – Kenya Newsletter Spring 2016

In this issue:

Message from Joyce
Water Walk 2016
Youth and connected ness – NCCL, NCHS, Sanford
Dorcas Mutero: A Life TransformedWhat’s on Tap: Lenkiloriti
Livestock Keepers Groups hit the Road
Yolanda Chetwynd: Creative ways of Caring
Connect through United Way
Update on Water is Life Kenya Beaded Handicrafts
Mark your calendar for this year’s Thirst Reverse at Iron Hill!

WILKSpring2016NEWSLETTER final







Average Distance to Water:

Previously 4 Miles
Now 1 Mile

Number of People Served:


Hours Saved as a Result of WILK:

13,500 per Day

The return on investment for projects like WILK’s is approximately 11:1.
For every dollar spent, the community receives 11 dollars-worth of benefit.
World Health Organization (Hutton & Haller, 2004)