2016 Livestock Groups

Groups starting in 2016 –

Naretoi Enkishumu Women Group – the second group from Lenkisem, the 17 members are following in the footsteps of the successful Enkishaiki Lenkisem Women Group. Their strong leadership and cooperation as a group give good indication of success to come, as well as a few members who are also in Enkishaiki Group, who didn’t want to miss the chance to reinforce important lessons!

Olningo Namelok Self Help Group -12 – made up of 6 wives / husband couples who aim to uplift the standard of living through more “olningo” or “understanding” of better livestock keeping practices for themselves and their families, they come from Namelok. They bring diversity to the LAB groups because of their experience in mixed farming since Namelok is an area where water is close to the surface and can be used for irrigation of tomatoes, legumes and other vegetables.


Enkaramatak Oonkishu Erisa women’s Group -17 highly motivated livestock keepers from Risa who joined LAB after seeing improved income from livestock of their predecessors, members of Risa Mixed Group. Risa is an open, tough and chronically drought affected area. When there is grass, however, livestock fatten very quickly, which is why they stay there.


Kidumunye Women Group –Kidumunye means “we stand up”. The 18 Women from Meshenani who saw the success of their predecessors Meshenani Mixed Group and Nailepu wanted to join to help themselves “stand up” and move forward. So far several members of the group have put the training into practice and started building their own grass storage houses to conserve grass to prepare for recurring droughts.