A season to cheer about

Report: Livestock as a Business (LAB)

Livestock as a Business keepers with their cows.Finally.  Southern Kenya had ample rain during the past long rainy season and our LAB Livestock Farmer Groups profited nicely. Nine groups took the $2000 livestock loan we offer through our Livestock as a Business program and bought an average of 10 cattle each for fattening.  Abundant pastures, Water is Life Kenya sponsored water points, indigenous livestock rearing knowledge, plus the skills learned in our LAB program equipped Maasai farmers with what they needed to have fat, healthy, market-ready cattle. Farmers surveyed the livestock market in advance, budgeted how to use the loan money, controlled expenses, and attempted to prevent livestock diseases, applying what they learned.

Then, each group sold their cows and repaid their loans.  One of the goals of the August loan review seminar will be to have the full records compiled showing the net profit earned by each group. We are anticipating between 30% – 45% net profit. The groups will also have the opportunity to recognize successes and address challenges they may have faced. We will all learn from each other.

– Joyce Tannian and Joseph Larasha


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