What We Do 3

Why Water?

  • Water is critical to all life.
  • Clean water prevents disease
  • The average woman in these communities walks 8 hours per day
  • Accessible water allows time for education

Key Goals:

  • Bring Clean Water to remote rural communities in Kenya which can…
    • Reduce Disease and Death
    • Reduce Poverty
    • Increase time women can devote to family/education
    • Improve Hygiene
    • Bring the kindness and charity of the U.S. and the world to Kenya

How You Can Help:

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Why These Projects?

The inspiration for this project came when I worked in the Maasai community in Kenya during the drought of 2005-2006. The conditions I saw – decimated livestock and hungry, hopeless people – compelled me to raise money to distribute food relief in the area. It was immediately obvious that it would recur because the drought recurs, but the lack of developed water resources in this marginalized community makes the situation far worse than necessary.

I can’t see something so serious and so solvable and not try to do something to fix it.

At the test pumping of the Imisigyio borehole I shook the hand of a woman who had just loaded up her donkeys with water and secured a jerry can full of water from the new well to her back with a leather strap to her forehead. She smiled broadly and thanked me and all the friends at home who donated money for this as well. She is looking forward to a future where clean water is close by and plentiful. The 10-13 hours she used to spend fetching water every day will be reduced to 3 or 4. She will have more time to cultivate crops and cook for her family. She will have more water to clean and cook and water her livestock.

This is what your contributions have done for hundreds of families in Imisigyio, Kenya. Your love and money and prayers bring hope to these people and a sense that someone around the world cares for them.
Thanks for being wonderful and caring. We are bring water to people, helping improve their lives, helping them perserve their culture and customs by giving them a chance to survive in an environment increasingly stressed by the worldwide effects of global warming.

Thank You.

Love, Joyce

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