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Lenkiloriti Borehole Equipping

Project Background:

1,678 people in Lenkiloriti have been without clean water for years. They rely on water from a dam during the rainy season, but during the dry seasons they suffer continuously as they walk long distances for water for themselves and their livestock. As the water in the dam goes down it becomes stagnant and dirty. Typhoid runs rampant. Children and the elderly suffer most.

Current Needs:

A 720 foot borehole was drilled for them last year, but funds only covered the drilling. Now the borehole stands, unable to be used until a pump and generator are installed. A solution for Lenkiloriti is only $20,500 away


You can help Water is Life Kenya help Lenkiloriti community solve their water problem once and for all by installing pump and generator in their new borehole….because water is a human right!

Project Cost:

$20,500 will buy and install a pump and generator at the Lenkilloriti borehole.




Newark Methodist’s Green Team Making a Difference

Newark United Methodist Church’s “Green Team” comprises of students who work to act out their faith through service.  In January, they raised $600 to support a Kenyan student through Water is Life Kenya. Access to education is limited in the communities we serve, and paying the significant school fees is a huge challenge.  The $600 investment made by the Green Team will have an exponential impact as it opens the door to countless opportunities for a Kenyan student.  Truly, this is faith at work!



Joyce and the Green Team from Newark UMC


Thirst Reverse Awakens the Thirst At Iron Hill

The Water is Life Kenya team was at it again on Jan 27th, holding our third Thirst Reverse fundraiser at Iron Hill Brewery.  We had about 300 guests who helped us raise over $3,000.  Despite the snow, we stayed warm as we sold WILK jewelry, shared WILK stories, and enjoyed the circle of supporters that makes WILK run.  We even had a special visit from a strange looking Maasai warrior! Thank you to everybody who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you all again on April 23 for the WILK Water Walk!

Thirst ReverseDSC_8796


DSC_8780 DSC_8744


Water is Life Kenya’s 2016 Water Walk

Water Walk 2016 Update

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Thank you everyone who gave!!!!
We have reached
our goal!

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Thank you everyone who participated in the 2016 Water is Life Kenya Water Walk  held on April 23rd to support the community of Lenkiloriti and carry water in solidarity with the millions of women who have to carry water each day.

Walkers lugged jugs of water around the Newark Reservoir and calculated and “paid off” their own water “debt” through a series of interactive stations.  Despite walking “in” water (it rained most of the morning), see the video below, spirits were high as we celebrated the more than $19,500 raised through the walk and other creative fundraising events.

One of the most often repeated comments at the Water Walk, after “wow, it wasn’t supposed to rain today!” was “what a nice group of people!”.  And who were we? We were all ages – grade school kids, high school, U of Del. students, professionals, retirees, all types of people from different walks of life gathered to deliberately “walk miles in someone else’s shoes”.  Practicing empathy and compassion in a community, across generations, – doesn’t get much better than that!

Asked how carrying water around the reservoir was, a UD student said “It was harder than I expected. Definitely!”

Thanks to everyone who gave we are able  to fulfill the dream of the people from Lenkiloriti to have fresh water locally.  The borehole is drilled, the pump house is ready, they are now getting the water pump and generator.

Thank you everyone! Great Job!

Water Walk 2016 video image

Water Walk 2016 video

If you know us, you know as soon as we are done with one water project we are on to the next, so you don’t ever have to feel like you missed the boat.  You can still donate now to help us get a great start on that next project!

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Water in Esukuta!

The good news is pouring in: water has been struck in Esukuta, and life is already changing in this community.  On July 15th, drillers struck water 150 feet below the earth.  The flow of water grew stronger as the drillers dug deeper.  During the test pumping, the flow rate was measured at over 10,000 Gal per hour: enough to provide water for 800 people in the US, and at least 7,500 people and their livestock in Kenya.  Everybody at Water is Life Kenya is overjoyed with this news, and thank God and all of our supporters for making this possible.

Drilling 1 Prayer for Water


As always, the process started with waiting and prayer.  Continue Reading →