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While we’ve been keeping you up to date on several water walks, Yolanda’s art shows and what is happening with Lenkiloriti’s water pump and generator, we have a lot of other news to share.  Make sure to check out our e-newsletter, especially Dorcas’ story.  It is truly inspirational to hear how having water transformed her life and is opening doors to possibilities that never were possible for her before.

Water is Life - Kenya Newsletter Spring 2016

Water is Life – Kenya Newsletter Spring 2016

In this issue:

Message from Joyce
Water Walk 2016
Youth and connected ness – NCCL, NCHS, Sanford
Dorcas Mutero: A Life Transformed
What’s on Tap: Lenkiloriti
Livestock Keepers Groups hit the Road
Yolanda Chetwynd: Creative ways of Caring
Connect through United Way
Update on Water is Life Kenya Beaded Handicrafts
Mark your calendar for this year’s Thirst Reverse at Iron Hill!

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