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Archive | Summer Newsletter 2018

Kenyan visitors in the land of plenty

While hosting Dorcas Mutero, a teacher from Kenya, and my Kenyan co-founder, Joseph Larasha, I tried to see my homeland through their eyes. What could they be thinking, feeling, being in the US for the first time? I reflected on my own travels… even a simple thing like breakfast. We look for comfort, not experimentation […]


Water Walk 2017

Water Walk 2017 Water Walk 2017 was rainy this year too.  So our faithful walkers walked for water, with water, around water, and in water once again!  However, they did a great job raising funds for the community of Kuku, Kenya.  In total, $23,000 was raised and we are able to start the process of […]


Thirst Reverse IV

That’s right! We are hosting our fourth annual Thirst Reverse! This year it is taking place at Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen on 270 E. Main Street in Newark, Delaware. All day, Wednesday, January 18th, 20% of your food bill  will be donated to Water is Life Kenya. From 6pm – 8pm we have guest bartenders […]


Lenkiloriti Borehole Equipping

Project Background: 1,678 people in Lenkiloriti have been without clean water for years. They rely on water from a dam during the rainy season, but during the dry seasons they suffer continuously as they walk long distances for water for themselves and their livestock. As the water in the dam goes down it becomes stagnant […]