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Lenkiloriti Borehole Equipping

Project Background: 1,678 people in Lenkiloriti have been without clean water for years. They rely on water from a dam during the rainy season, but during the dry seasons they suffer continuously as they walk long distances for water for themselves and their livestock. As the water in the dam goes down it becomes stagnant […]

Esukuta Washing

Esukuta Borehole

  Project Background: Esukuta is a community WILK has worked with since 2015.  We estimate that there are about 2,400 people who own approximately 3,000 cattle and 11,000 smallstock (goats or sheep).  A government primary school is nearby as well as an unregistered private school.  In May 2015, WILK drilled a well which yields over […]

nailepu class edit

Nailepu Self Help Group

Number of Years With WILK: This is Nailepu’s first year with WILK. Group Information:  a ladies group from Meshenani, made up of 18 women. They are the reformation of a beading group we worked with a few years back. This is a group of ladies always trying new ways to do business and provide for […]

Risa Group 1

Risa Livestock Keepers Group

Number of years with WILK: This is Risa’s first year with WILK. Group Information:  Risa is a mixed group of 4 women and 9 men from Risa – they have existed as a group since 2007. They have been pursuing us for their chance to join WILK’s program for the past 2 years, never giving up […]

Oshumu or Olningo

Oshumu Livestock Keepers Group

Number of years with WILK: This is Oshumu’s first year with WILK. Group Information:  Oshumu is a mixed group from Enkong’u Narok West (as opposed to the east side where our other group is from) 4 ladies, 12 men. As we were working on the Enkong’u Narok borehole, we met the leaders of the villages […]

Iltuati Group 2

Iltuati Livestock Farmers Self Help Group

 Number of Years With WILK: Iltuati will receive their first loan this fall Group Information:  This group of warriors (young men) from near Ilmarba, is led by the newly inaugurated chief of warriors, Sontika Melok. It is traditional at the inauguration ceremony to give a gift. When Larasha, WILK project manager, presented his gift to […]

Olningo Group 2

Olningo Women’s Self Help Group

 Number of Years With WILK: Olningo will received their first loan in the  fall of 2015. Group Information: This new group includes 27 Ladies of all ages from ilmarba and Olmoti. They were founded by the chairlady, Soimone ene Tirina in 2011. They were inspired by the Ilmarba Livestock group and they started by contributing […]


Pakiteng Livestock Group

  Group Name: Pakiteng Number of Years with WILK: 2011-2012 Group Information: Pakiteng is a name for somebody who gives somebody else a cow.  So, if I give you a cow, you’ll call me Pakiteng as a way to remember the generosity of my gift.  This group started in 2012 and was trained but did […]


Ilkiramat loo Imisiygio

Group Name: Ilkiramat Loo Imisigyio Self Help Group Number of Years with WILK:  Received first loan in fall of 2013. Group Information:Translated, Ilkiramat loo Imisiygio means the livestock-keepers of Imisgyio. This group is comprised of twelve women and five men, and they have just completed their first loan cycle. They are a very driven group; each […]

First Tanks2


  In May 2015, Water is Life Kenya implemented our Olchorro Community Water Pipeline storage tank project.  The town of Olchorro has a pipeline but the water is unreliable, especially during August-October, the regular drought period. Pipeline members have water taps but few have water storage. When no water is in the line, taps are […]