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Olepolos is located in Amboseli National Park, near the Tanzanian border. It is a densely populated area; home to almost 2,500 Kenyans. In the past, these villagers had to cross the border into Tanzania every day and wait in line at the Kamwanga well. This cost the women eight hours every day, and nearly three […]

Meshenani well


Meshenani is an area located near the northwest corner of the Amboseli National Park. It is home to approximately 1,600 people, who are spread out over a relatively large area. There is a school close to the park that almost 300 kids attend, and a total of about 1,000 people live nearby. Further from the park is a group […]

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Bead Women of Kenya

The women of Kenya have worn their traditional beaded jewelry for generations. In their culture, necklaces and bracelets can signify anything from a person’s age to their marital status or tribal origin. WILK recognized the passion the people held for the jewelry, and saw the potential to sell the pieces here in the U.S. The […]


Imisigyio Borehole

Project Information: Imisigyio was the first community WILK helped. In 2006, WILK  was unable to provide food during the drought and Joyce wanted to help this community. Money was raised in 2007 including money from the local government’s development-fund (CDF) for a tank.  Land was donated around the borehole to be used as a community […]