Enkong’u Narok

The village of Enkong’u Narok is one of the smallest WILK serves; currently about 1,000 people live there. Translated, Enkong’u Narok means “black spring”, and it has earned this name because of the water source nearby that produces dark, murky water. Villagers often complain about having to deal with malaria, and other water-borne illnesses. Located in the village is a health clinic, but the water they use is the same dirty water that makes the locals sick. The community recognized the need for a better water source, and sought help from WILK. We did some preliminary research, and found that the water table is relatively close to the ground. After a discussion with the community, it was decided that we would drill a borehole well to reach the clean groundwater beneath.

In the spring of 2014, everything was set in place, and the drilling began. It didn’t take long to see the first drops of water, and before we knew it, there was a flood. The drill hadn’t even gone fifty feet and water was flying! Before long, the drill could go no farther, because the water pressure was so great it prevented the drill from going any further. We knew we had come across something truly special, and the joy could be felt by all the villagers. Upon measurement of the water flow, we found that this well was providing five times the water of a typical borehole! We felt truly blessed, and excited at the potential this well has, not just for this community, but for the whole area.

Current Status:

After hitting a source that can provide over 10,000 gallons an hour, we’ve moved ahead installing a large pumphouse, generator and submersible pump.  The pump house construction has been completed and the generator and pump will be installed in January.

Project Cost:

We only have about $7500 to pay to complete generator and sub-pump installation.




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