Enkorbobit is a village located further outside the Amboseli National Park, and thus it lacks the access some communities have to the park’s resources. One of these resources is water, and the six miles that separate their homes from the park made getting water an all day affair. The people knew they needed clean water, but did not want to abandon their home to get it. WILK sought to help them with their problem, and through assistance from a generous Swedish Rotary Club, we were able to dig them a shallow well. This provides clean water year round, and the locals are able to remain in their homes. After its completion, people began to migrate to the village. The locals were pleased to share the gift they had been given with those in need.

Project Status:

Our last monitoring visit showed that the hand pump is great, water is plenty – different people affirmed that there is no way they can leave that area because of the water. They just have to figure out how to handle the people coming from TZ with their animals and eat all the grass! Solomon from Enkorbobit says, “Since we got the shallow well, our baby animals can survive much longer than they used to. Now, we hardly lose any.



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