Group Name: Eramatare Self Help Group

Number of Years With WILK: First received a loan in 2013.  2014 saw the repayment of their second loan.

Group Information: Eramatare is from all around the local Group Ranch: Olchorro, Risa, Meshenani, Ilmarba, Namelok – it was started by members of one clan to help them raise money for their children’s education – the larger group has 60 members and they made an offshoot group to do livestock as a business to support their original goal of education.

Group Results: In 2013, Eramatare lost one cow and struggled to sell some of the others.  In 2014, they again saw lowered profits because forage was insufficient on the way to market which, combined with a cattle quarantine, reduced the value of their animals.  They still managed to make some profit and have learned valuable lessons about how best sell their animals.



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