Esokota Community Shallow Well Project

Eskoto community members

Esokota Community Shallow Well Project:
Problem: Esokota is a large community of almost 3,000 people near the town of Kajiado. They had done everything they could to improve their own lives: they built a school for the children and even a rainwater harvesting system. For such a large population, however, rainwater isn’t enough even in a good year, and it certainly is not enough during drought times.
Solution: Their current system needed to be supplemented in order to meet the demand of community members as well as school children and staff. Knowing that a well was the solution, but lacking the experience and the funds to complete it, the villagers of Esokota sought help from WILK. With help from the Rotary Clubs of Sweden, we dug a shallow well near the school grounds.
Now the children have water close-by, and the entire area has adequate water supply.