Esukuta/Nasipa Community Borehole Project

Dance in the waterEsukuta/Nasipa Community Borehole Project:
Problem: Esukuta is a community WILK has worked with since 2015.  We estimate that there are about 2,400 people with approximately 3,000 cattle and 11,000 small stock (goats or sheep).  A government primary school is nearby as well as an unregistered private school.
Solution: In May 2015, WILK drilled a well which yields over 8,000 Gal per hour. The well is now fully equipped and the operators and water management committee have been trained.  An elevated platform was constructed for the 10,000 Liter (2640 gallons) plastic water storage tank and water now runs to nearby Esukuta school, a second community tank and to Nasipa Primary School, 2 km away
Status: Complete
Women have more time and have started small businesses like selling vegetables, doing Maasai beadwork, operating a small shop for foodstuffs, doing casual labor in local farms. Children are clean and able to focus on school work since they no longer have to worry about going to the seasonal river bed to dig for water before and after school. Livestock are healthier: goats no long suffer from a particular parasite which used to afflict them with neck swellings, calves are much more likely to survive to become cows, a huge gain for community members for are Maasai livestock keepers.