Through the eyes of those we’ve helped

Joseph Larasha, co-founder of Water is Life Kenya, and Dorcas Mutero, a school teacher from Kenya

Dorcas Mutero giving  her TEDx talk “Education has no age.”

Dorcas Mutero giving her TEDx talk “Education has no age.”

and one of the first to benefit from a well we dug, spent 5 weeks with us this Spring. Larasha and Dorcas came to the US to give a TEDx (Ideas Worth Spreading) talk and to support us on our annual Water Walk and other events.  Larasha’s talk, “How I learned confidence from a lion” is amazing. Dorcas’ story, “Education has no age” is inspiring.

A 7th grade Sanford student described the impact of their visit as follows.  “I didn’t get it until I heard Dorcas’ story. That women can spend every day from dawn to dark doing one thing, getting water. We need to help them have water.”

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Larasha and Dorcas Trip Highlights

What they loved most about the US:  green grass everywhere and imagining how happy and full their livestock would be in such a place.

Surprising observations: The US is  not just big cities, it has vast areas of countryside and  people eat a lot of sweets.

Larasha’s favorite things: pancakes, the rodeo, The White House, the “Singing Water” fountain show at Longwood Gardens, hamburgers, and chicken fajitas.

Dorcas’ favorite things: bread, french fries, the “Singing Water” show, cute baby clothes, taps with hot and cold water, and the friendliness of people.

Did you  meet Dorcas or Larsha?  Please consider making a donation in their honor. www.waterislifekenya.com

Francis, Tannian, Joseph Larasha, Dorcas Mutero, Fabienne Daniels, Joyce Tannian and Colleen Leithren

Asante Sana!
(Thank you very much in Swahili)



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