A great day for a water walk

Larasha sharing his story with this year's Water Walk attendees.

Larasha sharing his story with this year’s Water Walk attendees with Joyce Tannian and Dorcas Mutero.

At our annual Water Walk people of all shapes and sizes came out on a glorious day to support the millions of women and girls who walk everyday for water.

This year we were honored to have Joseph Larasha and Dorcas Mutero join us from Kenya. Participants had the opportunity to meet and talk with them and hear their stories.   Hearing from Dorcas about the daily struggles she faced getting water before her community got their well was heart wrenching.

Larasha and Dorcas walking with 5-gal water on their shoulder.This year we are raising money for Phase II of our Kuku water project.  Now that the rains have ended we have started the work and everything will be completed by our next newsletter.

The people of Kuku are so excited to start having easy access to clean water the women and men themselves moved stones and improved the road so delivery trucks can reach the site easily.

We are close to reaching our $25,000 goal.  Please donate so we can call the 2018 Water Walk another success.

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