Ilkiramat loo Imisiygio

Group Name: Ilkiramat Loo Imisigyio Self Help Group

Number of Years with WILK:  Received first loan in fall of 2013.

Group Information:Translated, Ilkiramat loo Imisiygio means the livestock-keepers of Imisgyio. This group is comprised of twelve women and five men, and they have just completed their first loan cycle. They are a very driven group; each member does its part to raise money for buying cattle, and every two weeks they meet to discuss plans and their progress. Many of the members use the profits to send their children to school, and they are very thankful for the opportunity they have been given.

Group Results: In 2013, the group bought 16 cows for about $180 each and sold them at $235 each in July.  Unfortunately, they had to make two trips to market to buy and sell the animals which ate into profits.  They made 23% profit on their initial investment and hope to improve their performance next year by reducing transaction costs.

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