Project Background:

The community of Ilmarba is located near the Tanzanian border, in between two of our other projects, Imisgiyio and Olepolos. The village has had a borehole well, pump, and generator for some time, that approximately 1,500 people use. The issue Ilmarba faced was a rather unique one: elephants came and damaged the well system. The borehole actually provides water for the elephants as well, and they have learned that the sound of the pump means there is water. When the pump stopped, the elephants became upset and damaged the equipment!

Fortunately it was not beyond repair, and we were able to return the pump to working order.  Knowing that this might well happen again, we knew it was important to get the elephants a different water source. With the villagers help in selecting a location, we laid pipe that would dispense water for the elephants at a safe distance from the town. WILK also completed a rainwater harvesting system for the local primary school, like we had done in Risa. We also helped to build a fence around the school, to keep the wildlife out!

Current Status:

The borehole is running effectively and the elephants have not damaged the water point since we built their own trough.





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