Iltuati Livestock Farmers Self Help Group


Number of Years With WILK: Iltuati will receive their first loan this fall

Group Information:  This group of warriors (young men) from near Ilmarba, is led by the newly inaugurated chief of warriors, Sontika Melok. It is traditional at the inauguration ceremony to give a gift. When Larasha, WILK project manager, presented his gift to the new chief, he told him – “it’s not money, because that can be used up, it’s not food, because that can be eaten, but the gift of knowledge. Form a group of interested warriors and we can train you and your group in better ways of keeping your livestock”. Now Iltuati has begun trainings.

Group Results: Iltuati is in position to receive their first loan in 2014 after going through the preparatory trainings.

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