Imisigyio Community Borehole Project

Imisigyio Community Borehole Project:
Problem: Imisigyio was the first community WILK helped. In 2006, WILK was unable to provide food relief for Imisigiyio during the drought and Joyce wanted to help this community of about 2,000 people. The women used to have to walk to TZ and wait at the back of the line for water because they were outsiders. This was a 8 km walk one-way.  Money was raised in 2007, including money from the local government’s Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for a 100,000 Liter water storage tank.  The public utility land designated for the borehole was large enough to be used as a community irrigation farm using the borehole water. WILK partnered with the community members to do farming of tomatoes, spinach and cabbage to earn income to sustain the borehole expenses.
Solution: A pump, generator and borehole, tank, and troughs. The tank funded by the CDF cracked and was repaired in 2010. Water has been pumping steadily for use by the community and their livestock since early 2008.
Status: Completed
Impact: Today the women can leave their home, get water, and return all in an hour. Life has changed in Imisigiyio. Some ambitious Imisigiyio community members formed Imisigiyio Livestock Keepers Group and joined WILK’s Livestock as a Business Group to become more skilled livestock farmers and manage the drought cycle more effectively.