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Income Generation — Beaded Handicrafts Project

Jobs are hard to come by in Kenya, even more so for people with little education. People on our team

Water is LIfe Kenya Beaded Handicraft website

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like Mary and Rahel come to towns looking for opportunities to earn and find a life full of expenses: rent, food, children’s needs, then the calls from home in rural areas where siblings need school fees, harvests sometimes fail and people fall sick.

Earning income regularly means living a bit easier and having money to send home to areas where ladies carry water from shallow wells scratched out of the seasonal river beds.

Our prospering handicrafts business allows us to employ hardworking people including Mary and Rahel, who hope for a brighter future for themselves and their families.

In addition to the direct benefits of employment, profits from Water is Life Kenya’s bead business support our core mission of helping communities in southern rural Kenya solve their water problem by providing clean, sustainable water supply.

EWB visits the shopHere are a couple of pictures from when the Newark Professional Chapter of the Engineers without Borders visited the shop and worked with our beaders.  Not only did they have fun, they learned about the process and work required to make our beautiful beaded handicrafts. Below are oFair Trade Federation logour Maasai artisans making the beaded handicrafts that are available for sale.  We are proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Maasai artisans working on beaded handicrafts

Maasai ladies working on beaded handicrafts