Kenyan visitors in the land of plenty

Joyce carrying a 5-gal jug of water.While hosting Dorcas Mutero, a teacher from Kenya, and my Kenyan co-founder, Joseph Larasha, I tried to see my homeland through their eyes.

What could they be thinking, feeling, being in the US for the first time?

I reflected on my own travels… even a simple thing like breakfast. We look for comfort, not experimentation first thing in the morning.

I knew Dorcas and Larasha had many new experiences ahead including giving talks in English and meeting many new people. What I didn’t think about were the things we take for granted: getting used to flush toilets, sinks with hot and cold water, and stoves with 4 burners.

I had the idea that if  breakfast was good and comfortable, the rest of the day would go more smoothly!  The winning breakfast turned out to be coffee with honey and porridge with apples, raisins and… more honey!  It set us up for the day and successfully launched us on our adventures and to ace the big challenges.

Did you know both Dorcas and Larasha gave Tedx Talks? Click on their video links below.
Joseph Larasha – How I learned confidence from a lion
Dorcus Mutero – Education has no age

– Joyce Tannian
Executive Director and Founder


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