Kuku Community Borehole Project

women from Kuku with jugs retreiving waterKuku Community Borehole Project:
Problem: In addition to walking hours daily for water,  women dig in a dry river bed daily to access the water table.  It takes 8 minutes to fill a 5-gallon jerry can. In a community with hundreds of women, and each woman needing several cans of water to take care of her family, the water line is long, and women are often forced to come at night in a group, with warriors to protect them from wild animals, like elephants, hyenas, and lions that gather at night to drink.
Solution: Digging of a 650 Foot (estimated) borehole, equipping borehole with pump and power source, and water storage facilities should provide reliable clean water for the people of Kuku.
Status: Drilling complete.  Test pumping complete.
Impact: NA