Kuku, Kenya – WILK’s Newest Water Project

Kuku, Kenya – our newest water project

Kuku, Kenya, our newest water project, is so remote and hidden,  that no one has ever reached out to them about helping them with their water struggles.  That changed for them this year when Joyce Tannian and Water is Life Kenya came on the scene.  This community of 1700 individuals (250 women, 50 men and 1400 children) struggle daily on their own to have water.  Women, as you see in this video, have to dig in  a dry river basin during the dry season, take 8 minutes to fill their jugs with water resulting in hours spent each and every day for what little water they can procure and carry back to their home.

Nov. 8th – 9th – First water was struck at 4 p.m Kenyan time on Thursday, November 8th. Drilling went to 175 meters and looks to be an extremely productive borehole! In fact, the water pressure was so much, it made drilling difficult.

Dec. 18th – The gushing water in Kuku during the test pumping of the new borehole! It’s the most productive borehole Water Is Life – Kenya has ever drilled – 13,000 gallons per hour…and the reason for doing all we do!


Components for Kuku Community Borehole (estimate)

Component Estimated Cost
1.      Obtain Permit to Drill $100
2.      Drilling of 180 meter (590 feet) borehole  (estimated depth) $17,000
3.      Equipping the borehole with Pump and Generator $17,000
 4.      Constructing Pump house $5,500
5.      Constructing Water Storage tanks, community water point and water troughs for livestock – current plan is plastic tanks of 10,000 liters each on elevated platform, 1 concrete water trough $10,000
6.      Training water management committee $1,000
total $51,500

Raised to date:

$23,000 – Water Walk

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