Lenkiloriti Borehole Equipping

Project Background:

1,678 people in Lenkiloriti have been without clean water for years. They rely on water from a dam during the rainy season, but during the dry seasons they suffer continuously as they walk long distances for water for themselves and their livestock. As the water in the dam goes down it becomes stagnant and dirty. Typhoid runs rampant. Children and the elderly suffer most.

Current Needs:

A 720 foot borehole was drilled for them last year, but funds only covered the drilling. Now the borehole stands, unable to be used until a pump and generator are installed. A solution for Lenkiloriti is only $20,500 away


You can help Water is Life Kenya help Lenkiloriti community solve their water problem once and for all by installing pump and generator in their new borehole….because water is a human right!

Project Cost:

$20,500 will buy and install a pump and generator at the Lenkilloriti borehole.



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