Lenkiloriti Project

Lenkiloriti Project:
Problem: 1,678 people in Lenkiloriti had been without clean water for years. They used to rely on water from a dam during the rainy season. As the water in the dam went down it became stagnant and dirty. Typhoid ran rampant. During the dry seasons they suffered continuously walking long distances for water for themselves and their livestock. Water was so scarce women used cow urine to wash clothes.
50% Solution:A 720 foot borehole was drilled for them, but funds only covered the drilling. They approached Water is Life Kenya to help bring the sorely needed water out of the ground.
Other 50%  Solution: Water is Life Kenya provides key funds
Project Cost: $20,500 was raised during WILK’s Water Walk 2016 to purchase and install pump and generator at the Lenkiloriti borehole. Work was completed in July 2016. This, together with the pump house and water tank and platform contributed by Government of Kenya’s Constituency Development Fund, completed the project. On March 23rd, 2017 Water is Life Kenya celebrated with the community and local leaders to officially commission and hand over the borehole to community management.
Committee Training: WILK is training the Lenkiloriti Community Water management committee in good management practices: setting tariffs for the water to pay salary for the borehole operator, for fuel and for routine maintenance and inevitable repair, good record keeping and accountability to the community for whom they are managing the water supply.
Status: Complete
Impact: Women from Lenkiloriti are experiencing huge relief knowing water is always available close by. Children attending school are clean and attentive, performance is improving. Livestock keep their condition longer, thus keeping their value, even in current drought conditions, since water is close to home. For Maasai families, income comes from cows, so healthy animals mean income is more reliable.