Livestock as Business Results: 2014

meshenani group and bulls small(1)The news is in: Water is Life Kenya’s Livestock as Business project has just completed its third year of operation with enormous success. Next year, we’ll be adding 5 new groups to this incredibly profitable training and micro-loan project. WILK provides small loans that are used by organized trading cooperatives to buy cattle. Over the course of several months, they feed and care for the livestock so that they can be sold at market. We provide training sessions on vaccinating and healing the animals, should they fall ill, as well as some basic business training; keeping an account book, how to get the most for the cattle, and leadership training.

From these small seeds of knowledge and capital, great things are growing. In the 2014 season, WILK gave loans to 6 livestock groups. The average profit made over an eight month period was 33%, and the best performing group made an incredible 54% profit!

olningo chairladyEvery one of the six groups paid back their loan in full, despite some bad market conditions faced by the younger groups. The groups can save the money they make so that eventually they will no longer require loans from WILK. WILK takes the money returned by the groups and reinvests it into new groups who are clamoring to join this wildly successful project.

All this is thanks to your investment in WILK. As you can see, the returns on your donation are great in terms of finances, knowledge, and most importantly, hope.   Thank you for your support of Water is Life Kenya.

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