Group Name: Meshenani Livestock Keepers Self Help Group

Number of Years With WILK: Meshenani was one of the original livestock groups, and first received a loan in 2011.

Group Information:

Meshenani is located on the north end of Amboseli park, and is one of our original water project locales.  The group has 17 members and has gone through a number of trainings and seminars over the past 3 years.

Group Results: Meshenani has shown incredible ability to make profit selling cows.  In 2013 they bought 20 cows and earned a 43% profit, totaling over $1700.  In 2014, they bought 25 cows and turned an impressive 54% profit.  With this money, the group has bought land to rent out as an income generating activity.  One trick to their success is that they sell animals to individuals at home rather than traveling to market.


meshenani group and bulls small(1) mobile classroom meshenani(1)


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