Meshenani Borehole Project

Meshenani borehole produces waterMeshenani Borehole Project:
Problem: Meshenani is an area located near the northwest corner of the Amboseli National Park. It is a chronically dry area and home to approximately 1,600 people, who are spread out over a relatively large area. The water source they were using was a hand dug shallow well 10 miles walk one way from Meshenani. There is a school close to the park that almost 300 students attend, and a total of about 1,000 people live nearby. Further from the park is a group of villages, Kenyans who live a more rural lifestyle, of about 600. With such a great need for water it was clear to us that a borehole well would be necessary, so in the summer of 2008 we drilled Meshenani’s first well.
Meshenani borehole water flowing Solution: Unfortunately, the well yielded no water. Since the community still needed water, we surveyed another site and drilled again. This time we hit water, and a lot of it: almost double the typical yield of a borehole well. However the news was not all good. During test pumping we realized the groundwater is saline, too salty to drink. It was heartbreaking for both WILK and the villagers to have two wells, neither of which was capable of providing potable water. Read Meshenani Pipeline C and Meshenani Pipeline A to read about the way WILK solved the water problem in Meshenani
Status: Borehole capped, not usable.