Meshenani A Community Water Pipeline Connection

Meshenani A Community Water Pipeline Connection:
Problem: Meshenani is an area located near the northwest corner of the Amboseli National Park. It is a chronically dry area and home to approximately 1,600 people, who are spread out over a relatively large area. The water source they were using was a hand dug shallow well 10 miles walk one way from Meshenani. There is a school close to the park that almost 300 students attend, and a total of about 1,000 people live nearby. Further from the park is a group of villages, Kenyans who live a more rural lifestyle, of about 600.
Solution: After the success of the first pipeline connection, and to answer the call for help from the farther corners of Meshenani, Water is Life Kenya implemented a second pipeline, with permission from Kenya Wildlife Service, who manages Amboseli National Park and the water pipeline which serves the gates at the entrance to the park. We were allowed to connect the community to the pipeline. Community members dug trenches, pipes were laid, water tank purchased, concrete platform for the tank was constructed, connection made and the community now uses the water.