Namelok – Clean Water Project

women waiting for water    

Currently, the community of Namelok is drinking water from surface runoff or shallow wells built in homes. Also, the water is easily contaminated by chemicals through their open irrigation process for their crops. In addition, these wells are drying out in the drought times resulting in women and girls walking long distances to find water that is shared with wildlife such as elephants, giraffes, lions and wildebeest. 6,000 individuals make up this community that includes a school (325 children) and they have 15,000 livestock also using the same water points.

We can change this problem with your help. We have already begun to work with the community. They set up a committee and will be trained on Veronica, Larasha and Joyce at Namelok drillinghow to properly maintain the well once it is complete. We have successfully drilled for water (Veronica, Larasha and Joyce celebrate hitting water) and are in the process now of properly equipping the borehole and installing the pump.  We are planning on piping to their existing water trough for the livestock and set up storage tanks to hold some surplus water and latrines. There is still much left to do and with your help we will be able to complete this project before the next rainy season.

Your donation will enable this project to be completed in a timely fashion for these families who are facing health issues as a result of the unsafe water they are forced to drink.

As a way to say thank you for your donation, we have special hand made beaded handicrafts made by Kenyan artisans in the communities we serve in southern Kenya and a hand drawn picture of an elephant by one of our young Water is Life Kenya members: Spencer (age 13).

Donation Gifts:

$25 – Dainty recycled paper bead bracelet. (colors vary)

$50 – Glass beaded leather key chain (styles and colors vary)

$100 – Glass beaded elephant or giraffe (styles vary)

$150 – Glass beaded bowls (styles and color vary)

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and a member of the Fair Trade Federation.