Noosidan Community Borehole Project

 Noosidan Community Borehole Project:
Noosidan community
Noosidan, like Enkorbobit, is outside of the Amboseli National Park, but next to the southwestern corner. It is a rural community, and due to their distance from the park and lack of resources they had a difficult time getting water for themselves. They were truly thankful when WILK in partnership with Rotary Clubs from Sweden approached them and offered to dig a well in their village.
Solution: Drilling in Noosidan proved exciting: a collapsing volcanic rock formation gave the drillers quite a challenge, with equipment getting stuck in the borehole during the drilling, but their skill saved the situation and the well was completed successfully. Prior to the arrival of clean water, the locals called their village Ongata Rongai, which means “flat plain”. After completing their new well, they renamed their village Noosidan, which means “beautiful place”. It was truly special to see what an impact this well had on the area. During the opening ceremony a pastor gave a very moving blessing saying “WILK and Rotary should be thanked for bringing blessing of water and life to Noosidan borehole drillingNoosidan. All creatures are rejoicing because of the water. Humans, Birds, elephants, gazelles, cows, goats, especially donkeys, since now there work is made so much easier since they no longer will be carrying water for long kilometers, day after day.”
Status: Completed
Over time, the community asked to exchange the hand pump to a small submersible pump to provide more water.  The new pump and installation of a tank have solidified the community’s water supply.  Nanyukie, one of the ladies from Noosidan said to us on a monitoring trip: “We are cleaner and our children don’t get sick like they used to since we have water in Noosidan.” Now there is a small school in Noosidan for nursery and kindergarten and they get clean water every day from Noosidan Community Borehole!