Olchorro Project

water tank on motorcycle.Olchorro Project:
Problem: In May 2015, Water is Life Kenya implemented our Olchorro Community Water Pipeline storage tank project.  The town of Olchorro has a pipeline but the water is unreliable, especially during August-October, the regular drought period. Pipeline members have water taps but few have water storage. When no water is in the pipeline, due either to overuse upstream nearer the source in Tanzania, or seasonal drought, taps are dry for days, sometimes weeks, and people suffer.
Solution: After many discussions with the WILK and the water management committee about different water storage alternatives, small tanks for individual members was decided on as the most helpful, least risky water storage option. To become eligible for a 260Gal tank individual members built a concrete slab, paid a percentage of the tank cost, and signed an agreement with WILK. These tanks ensure that water is available throughout the day for the multiple families who use each spigot, and for days the water is not flowing, the water stored in the tanks provides a buffer.  WILK provided tanks for 100 families (and their neighbors, who also use the taps) at a cost of $125 for each tank, including transport.
Status: Complete
Impact: Families enjoy a much more consistent water supply with the additional water storage provided by the tanks.  According to reports, the times when they are without water water has been reduced by 80%, giving people time to do farming, run their small businesses and children to attend school.