Olningo Women’s Self Help Group


Number of Years With WILK: Olningo will received their first loan in the  fall of 2015.

Group Information: This new group includes 27 Ladies of all ages from ilmarba and Olmoti. They were founded by the chairlady, Soimone ene Tirina in 2011. They were inspired by the Ilmarba Livestock group and they started by contributing 200 shillings ($2.25) each, and they bought 1 cow. They kept it for a year, sold it and added money, bought 2 cows, they then fattened, sold these, and did they same with 4 more cows. Now they have 7 cows. We appreciate them because they are punctual, motivated and well organized.

Group Results: Olningo is in position to receive their first loan in 2014 after going through the preparatory trainings.

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