Oshumu Livestock Keepers Group

Number of years with WILK: This is Oshumu’s first year with WILK.

Group Information:  Oshumu is a mixed group from Enkong’u Narok West (as opposed to the east side where our other group is from) 4 ladies, 12 men. As we were working on the Enkong’u Narok borehole, we met the leaders of the villages of EN west. We shared about the training in livestock disease control and improved livestock breeds. They aggressively pursued the chance to join WILK’s livestock as a business program as soon as they heard we were taking new groups. Many members are already doing business of some kind: the tourist business, selling foodstuffs in the villages, livestock. Everyone owns livestock and wants to build their knowledge to do it better.

Group Results: Oshumu received their first loan this fall.

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