Risa Primary School Rainwater Harvesting Project

school children with water tank solution

Risa Primary School Rainwater Harvesting Project:
Risa is a chronically dry area, with only poor supply of water from the pipeline managed by Kenya Wildlife Service.  Risa Primary School didn’t have water, and children carried drinking water from home. There was no water to prepare lunch for students or for teachers who live at the school. Boreholes in the area are extremely low yielding and far from the school.
Solution: Installation of a Rainwater Harvesting system which collects seasonal rains by directing the rain which falls on the rooves of the school buildings into gutters and downspouts, which direct water into plastic water tanks.
Status: Complete
Impact: Students and teachers now have reliable drinking water and water to prepare from the rainwater collected in the tanks, so can focus on their school work. The water lasts several months. During the long dry season, school management contacts Kenya Wildlife Service and pays them to come with a water tanker and fill the tanks.