Share Our Dream

children playing with water

One challenge is that those who have reliable water supply can hardly relate to what it’s like to struggle EVERY SINGLE DAY for water.  Viscerally to understand, to empathize, and……. to want it to be different for others.  So that these people, too, can live their whole day….doing whatever they choose to do….without WORRYING ABOUT WATER.

That is our motivation, our dream. We know the huge potential in people that can be unleashed when they no longer are worrying only about survival. It is the potential for good, potential to develop themselves, their family members, their communities, their nation. We believe in the power of love in action to build and nurture, teach and inspire, in creating a chain reaction of positive and constructive actions.

Annual Report 2018 Draft 13  Review our report to learn more about our programs, collaborators, testimonials and plans for the next three years.

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