Thirst Reverse V a success!

Water is Life Kenya Honored by Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant

board members, Joyce and her father

Board members, Mary Woods, Carol Boncelet, Linda Stapleford, Founder, Joyce Tannian, and Board President, Francis Tannian.

Water is Life Kenya partnered with the Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Newark for our fifth annual “Thirst Reverse” fund raising event. Twenty percent of all Iron Hill’s revenue on food sales on October 3rd and $1 for every pint or mug sold of Kenyan Quench beer until the beer runs out will go to Water is Life Kenya.

 In an email to Iron Hill customers, Alex Vanderlek, Lead Brewer for Iron Hill, called Water is Life “an exceptional charity that helps dig accessible wells to serve as a clean and reliable water supply in rural Kenya.” Justin Sproul, their brew master, created a special Kenyan Quench beer especially for the event.

Water is Life Kenya helps bring water and livestock training to the communities living on the northern fringes of Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. In the last 10 years, we have completed 17 major water projects including deep and shallow wells, rainwater harvesting on schools, and pipeline connections that provide water to 50,000 people on a daily basis. In addition to clean water projects,  we run a livestock-as -a-business program and sponsors a Fair Trade Federation listed handicrafts division that provides much needed income for the families in the region.

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