Water in Esukuta!

The good news is pouring in: water has been struck in Esukuta, and life is already changing in this community.  On July 15th, drillers struck water 150 feet below the earth.  The flow of water grew stronger as the drillers dug deeper.  During the test pumping, the flow rate was measured at over 10,000 Gal per hour: enough to provide water for 800 people in the US, and at least 7,500 people and their livestock in Kenya.  Everybody at Water is Life Kenya is overjoyed with this news, and thank God and all of our supporters for making this possible.

Drilling 1 Prayer for Water


As always, the process started with waiting and prayer.  The drilling rig was delayed as it worked to finish a different well.  Delays are part of life in rural Kenya, and people are not afraid to sit sit and wait.  With waiting comes prayer.  People here recognize that there is something divine about water flowing up over the dry ground.  So our prayers were lifted together that springs of life might appear in a weary land.

Drilling            Drilling Water


Drilling takes time, the rig slowly pushing deeper and deeper into the ground.  From the survey conducted by the geologist, we suspected there was water somewhere underground, but you never know until it starts to flow from the ground.  There’s a tension and excitement as you imagine and then see water bubbling up.

And then joy…..

Esukuta Girls 1


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