What the Wonderbeaders do:

We find paper destined for the trash heap and upcycle it into beautiful beads and beautiful jewelry for you to wear!  Our beads and beaded jewelry highlight the beauty and colors of the recycled  paper we use. We cut it with a mind to accentuate the best qualities of the paper and the varnish we use provides a clear, shiny, durable coating, letting the beauty of the paper come through.

The skilled beaders trained by Water is Life Kenya, known as the Wonderbeaders earn up to $10 a day, 4 times what they might earn elsewhere.  The work is challenging and creative and our beaders feel proud and happy to be a part of WILK ‘s Wonderbead team.

How it helps:

Jobs are hard to come by in Kenya, even more so for people with little education. People on our team like Mary, Rahel come to towns looking for opportunities to earn and find a life full of expenses: rent, food, children’s needs, needs at home in rural areas where siblings and parents need school fees, where harvests sometimes fail or people get sick.

Earning money regularly means living a bit easier and having something to send home to areas where ladies still carry water up the hill from shallow wells scratched out of the seasonal river beds. Oh! If you could have a window into some of the hard struggles women face! Our prospering handicrafts business allows us to employ more of these people.

The circle of goodness goes round:  

In addition to the direct benefits of employment, profits from WILK’s bead business support our core work of helping communities in southern rural Kenya solve their water problem by providing a clean, sustainable water supply.  Wear your WILK bead creations proudly. Enjoy their beauty, and tell your friends of the circle of goodness created by WILK Wonderbeads!

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Meet team leader, Stephen Musyoki

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